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مصرف المنصور يضاعف ارباحه خلال عشرة شهور  


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مصرف المنصور يضاعف ارباحه خلال عشرة شهور

تشير جداول الحسابات لمصرف المنصور كما في 31/10/2013 الى ان المصرف قد ضاعف ارباحه وموجوداته خلال العشر اشهر الأولى من السنة وبهذا قد حقق قفزة نوعية من بين المصارف الأهلية العراقية كما ان المصرف قد زاد رأسماله الى (250) مليار دينار ويحظى بثقة عالية بين المصارف الدولية والمحلية وهو من البنوك الثلاث التي حظت في مجال تخصيص فتح الاعتمادات من لدن البنك المركزي العراقي وله خطة طموحة في نشر فروعه في جميع مدن العراق.


31/10/2012              مليارات الدنانير

31/12/2012              مليارات الدنانير

31/10/2013               مليارات الدنانير

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From a speech of the Chairman of the Board of Directors in the first annual meeting of the general authority at 22/5/2007

The Bank’s activities since it was established in 13/9/2005 and starting of the work at 17/4/2006 and the work that have been done until 31/12/2006 can be found through the first annual report which explains the march of the bank through the first year of its establishment , where it points to its distinction in the banking working and in a record time as compared with banks established from years earlier .

And despite the unstable security conditions in Iraq , Mansour Bank contributed in giving the banking services and in very reasonable prices to encourage customers for saving and investment at the same time, it also contributed in the continuous use of modern technology in the banking field by the participation of some of the Bank’s employees in the training courses held especially by the Central Bank .

We must point to the important sensible results the Bank accomplished which is the growth of the volume of all types of the deposits and this activity was reflected in increasing the net profit of the Bank which clearly shows how the bank is active and distinct in the banking field, these high results wouldn’t have been accomplished without the trust and cooperation of the customers of the bank and the effort of all of the employees of the bank, also the support of the Central Bank of Iraq and the department of companies registration whom which we are thankful and appreciative .

Finally we ask God to bless all the true efforts that contributed in the success of our work and a special thank to the senior management in the Bank and the staff for their serious cooperation, hope God will reconcile us to what is th good and prosperity of our country .




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